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Wow Your Audience With Stunning Exhibition Design

We are leading exhibition contractors. We design, create and manufacture bespoke exhibition displays and exhibition stands to educate and inspire at events across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Exhibition contractors bring ideas to life. At Workhaus, we take your design brief and use cutting-edge techniques to manufacture, create and fit your exhibition display. Our expertise comes from a passionate team of full service exhibition stand builders with a variety of skills such as design, engineering and fine art.

Our success has led to even more creative and technical challenges for a wider range of clients such as hotels, architects and special, one-off projects.

We Understand What Makes A Great Exhibition

Custom exhibition stands help you to make the most out of your event space. Whether you need a bespoke stand for trade shows, corporate parties, product launches or live events, Workhaus is a trusted partner for your next event.

Our specialist team ensure high quality build, design, construction and installation when needed.

Engage Your Audience

An exhibition should be eye-catching and draw the audience in to highlight key parts of the display or exhibition stand design you wish to promote.

A focal point could be important artefacts, product information or a mural; our exhibition stand contractors ensure optimum design and layout to grab and maintain visitor’s attention.


As specialist exhibition contractors UK, we know the importance of secure exhibition displays. We work with museum curators on a daily basis to protect displays from theft, accidental damage and deterioration to fragile objects. We use Abloy locks for ultimate security with minimal interruption to the sleekness of display. Did you know that we also conduct air exchange testing for precious artefacts? Our conservation grade materials protect rare or valuable objects so that your visitors can enjoy them for years to come.

Our sister company Glasshaus specialises in museum display cases.

Exhibition display cases


Your exhibition should wow your visitors but can also provide useful practical solutions to everyday challenges like storage. We ensure that you have everything you need to educate and interact with your visitors. This will allow you to maintain high standards of customer service and create the ideal POS space if needed.


Exciting Visuals

Depending on the type of exhibition you are planning, it may be useful to incorporate exciting visuals into your displays. For instance, at The Star Centre in Leeds, we actually created a room complete with bumpy surface to simulate the surface of the moon. As leading exhibition contractors UK, artistic elements such as mural painting, video, wood carving and metal structure can be amazing ways to add an exciting visual element to your exhibition.

Cohesive design across your exhibition also conveys expertise and authority.

Got an idea? Let’s make it happen!

Fit out company Leeds


A variety of custom plinths, LED spotlights or strips may be required to light your exhibition well. This will catch the eye of your visitors and ensure they can view your exhibition in the best possible light.

For example, at Wimbledon Tennis Museum we were in charge of giving a home to two of the most famous trophies in the world. We installed the lighting on the outside of the display cases to highlight the beauty of the trophies. This was unusual and a fine example of our team’s passion for providing bespoke creative and technical solutions.


Exhibition Stands

Discover our custom built exhibition stands including modular exhibition design. We offer competitive prices and work closely with event organisers across all industry sectors to ensure your exhibition stand design will engage potential customers and visitors.

Our exhibition stand designers create stunning one-off displays for:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Collections
  • Visitor Centres
  • Hotels and Bars
  • Theme Parks
  • Experiential events

To see more of our recent projects, click here.

Why Choose Workhaus As Your Exhibition Contractors?

Got an idea? Let’s make it happen! Whatever you need for your exhibition, we can do it. We combine cutting-edge technology with engineering, design and creativity. Did you know that the same exhibition stand contractors UK who manufacture your displays are the same ones that fit them? This enables us to continue exceptional levels of service from design to install.

Our Skills

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Production Management
  • Interpretation
  • Build & Design
  • CAD &3D
  • Modelling & Casting
  • Glass Bonding
  • Scenic Murals
  • Skilled Joinery
  • Electronic & mechanical interactives
  • Solid Surface Fabrications

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