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Workhaus are an award-winning museum contractor. Discover our projects, meet our passionate team of craftspeople, and find out what makes us special

What We Do

We are the UK’s leading specialist museum contractor with a passionate team of craftspeople. Our projects have taken us around the world and back again, from the Natural History Museum to the Springbok Museum in Cape Town.

In addition, our in-house team works closely with curators to bring creative visions to life. We are proud that our exhibitions inspire and engage audiences across the world.

Our Skills

As a museum contractor, our skills are as specialist as they are varied. As well as traditional crafts, we use state of the art equipment to make museum designer’s ideas a reality.

From interpretation and consultancy, we have everything we need to nurture your ideas from the initial meeting to manufacture and installation.

Our skills include:

  • Project Management
  • Build & Design
  • CAD & 3D
  • Modelling & Casting
  • Glass Bonding
  • Scenic Murals
  • Skilled Joinery
  • Electronic & mechanical interactives
  • Solid surface Fabrications
Museum Contractor

Our Projects

Natural History Museum

The team were selected for a very special project with the Natural History Museum in London. The new permanent exhibition ‘Human Evolution’ required designing, building and installing specialist display cases at varying sizes to house important artefacts. These precious objects include:

  • The oldest hominin fossil in the Museum’s collection, a 3.5-million-year-old Laetoli canine
  • 420,000-year-old Clacton spear, the oldest preserved wooden spear in the world
  • Cheddar Man skeleton and his model head reconstruction

Cannock Mining Museum

We love a challenge here at Workhaus. For example, at the Cannock Mining Museum, we created an immersive coal mining experience. This was a simulated life that makes visitors feel as if they are descending into a mine, just like the young men training at Cannock would experience before they joined the local coal industry.

Features include:

  • Light box wall with inset cases
  • Large curved light box display
  • Polygon shaped glass windows
  • Environmentally controlled cases

Bowes Museum

The Bowes Museum in Teesdale is known as ‘The North’s Museum of Art’. As a museum contractor, it was an honour to create display solutions for a life-sized clockwork swan, made of solid silver. Of course, with valuable objects in museums across the world, security is key.

As a museum exhibition contractor, we made sure to include:

  • Strong steel frames
  • Bespoke lighting
  • Invisible lock, hinge and seal mechanisms

See more of our projects here

Museum Contractor

What Makes Us Special?


Firstly, we have a talented team at our workshop in North Yorkshire. Our team is bursting with experts which means we can share this expertise whenever we need to, which cuts down costs, makes us more efficient and helps us come up with the best possible solutions as a museum contractor.

Immersive Experience

Workhaus have built a strong team and exceptional reputation based on the high standards we deliver as a museum contractor. However, we are increasingly being called upon to use these skills in experiential marketing that include:

  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Theme parks
  • Visitor centres
  • Architecture

State Of The Art

Did you know that we also use the latest, cutting-edge technology as a leading museum exhibition contractor? Each of our museum display cases are designed and built from CAD/3D drawings. We can even mock-up features such as lighting with our 3D tools to help museum designers choose the best solutions for their displays.


We work closely with museum curators to ensure that precious or fragile objects are safe from deterioration and damage. For this reason, each of our glass display cases are made from conservation grade materials that will protect the artefacts for generations to come.

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