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Workhaus are leading providers of museum exhibition design. We use our creative and technical expertise to design, build and install stunning exhibitions across the UK and the world.

How do museum exhibition design companies create an exciting visitor experience? Here’s a quick run-down of some of the most important elements (and challenges) of creating your display.


Museum exhibition design is often heavily reliant on space. A major challenge for exhibition designers and curators is to plan and fit in a limited space. Common barriers include working with old or listed buildings where décor is protected or limited by size and budget.

Lack of access is a big issue for museum exhibition design companies. A museum exhibition design must strike the right balance between style and practicality to ensure that the display delivers on its aim of public engagement.

No one enjoys the dreaded ‘museum shuffle’!

Workhaus provide an array of bespoke display solutions to ensure that your objects get the attention they deserve and is accessible to all members of society.

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Visual Engagement

There is an increasing focus on visitor experience. Designers and curators work closely together to define and structure a narrative for visitors.

However, the role of museums has changed. The world of museum exhibition design is now focussing more on a people-led narrative and the role exhibitions have to play in showcasing heritage, culture and stories.

“In the early 21st century the imperative to narrate stories about different cultures through the display of objects and ideas is increasingly important,”

Graeme Brooker, Head of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

As a result, interactive exhibit design such as visuals that engage and tell a story are increasingly sought after. Not only does interactive media capture the public’s attention, it also helps to convey the background and significance of objects and their connection to the people that used them.

Workhaus combine technology with traditional craft to create bespoke design museum exhibition solutions.

Our skills include:

  • Traditional Joinery
  • Spray Finishing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Solid Surface Fabrication
  • Display Case Design and Manufacture
  • Interactive Design, Development and Manufacture
  • Scenic Work and Sculpture
  • Digital Media
  • CAD/3D Drawings

We also keep our exhibit design skills in-house. This enables our experts to work together and share knowledge to maintain our high standards of design from concept to installation. This also helps us to keep our costs low and speed up our processes to deliver our work around the world.


Many objects are susceptible to deterioration from humidity, dust and light. Exhibition fit out must focus on conservation and work closely with curators to create engaging displays that protect artefacts. Designers do this with silica gel, air exchange tests and secure glass; practicality must meet style.

Your museum exhibition display is responsible for engagement, education and conservation. It can be quite a challenge for museum exhibition design companies to come up with a brief but it’s what we do best. Display solutions are so important to the conservation of the objects inside them which is why we use our expertise to preserve fragile, priceless objects.

Our sister company, Glasshaus specialises in glass display cases.

Museum exhibition design
Museum exhibition design

About Us

At Workhaus, we work closely with designers and curators to deliver your concept, convey stories and bring high quality exhibition design to the people of the UK and indeed, the world.

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Although our leading exhibit design expertise is built upon museum exhibition design, we are increasingly asked to create exciting displays for a wide range of spaces, including:

  • Visitor Centres
  • Theme Parks
  • Bars
  • Local Attractions
  • Experiential Marketing Events
  • Historic Buildings
  • Temporary Exhibitions
  • Interactive Experiences

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Museum fit-out specialists

We don’t think of our work as just fitting-out. We think of it as bringing creative visions to life. We’re a passionate team of craftspeople, innovators and creative thinkers. Every day we help museum designers solve problems and do fantastic things with their spaces.

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